Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski, joined by President Aleksandar Vučić of Serbia and President Jakov Milatović of Montenegro, came together after the official inauguration of the “Wine Vision of the Open Balkans” expo in Belgrade. The trio shared a dinner at a local restaurant, where they joyously sang the renowned Serbian tune, “Give me some wine.” A comment accompanying the video exclaimed, “Here’s to the enduring friendship among Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia!”

During the expo, Prime Minister Kovacevski lent his support to Macedonian wineries, distilleries, gastronomic enterprises, and tourism representatives. He expressed appreciation for the enthusiastic participation at the fair and highlighted the remarkable strides made in elevating the quality of Macedonian wine, cuisine, and tourism offerings. These achievements, he emphasized, serve as a powerful promotional tool for North Macedonia across the region, Europe, and globally.

Kovacevski pledged increased governmental initiatives aimed at opening new markets for local companies, particularly focusing on penetrating the European market with Macedonian products.