Culture Minister Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojcevska told the second Conference of European Ministers of Culture “Baukultur Alliance” that she sees Baukultur as a necessity, while shared experience and joint action are the right path to good solutions, the Ministry of Culture said in a press release.

I see “Baukultur” as a strong motive to initiate the establishment of a Department for Baukultur within the Ministry of Culture and to realize this in the shortest possible time. To be a department until we build a culture of living that will be a pleasure to live, not a feat to survive, stressed Kostadinovska-Stojcevska.

The minister pointed out that the way out of the economic crisis and the search for cheap energy has a great impact on the culture of our lives, on cultural habits, in the change and appearance of our homes, and also on the living environment.

In that context, the minister added that the Government, faced with all the challenges from the beginning of this decade, is not only fighting to overcome the crises with as mild consequences as possible on the standard of the citizens and on the survival of the companies but also financially encourages innovative solutions for the common good.