In an attempt to defend his Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi, PM Kovachevski got entangled in his own lies, VMRO-DPMNE claims.

“In order to prove his loyalty and servility to Ali Ahmeti and DUI, Kovachevski the pawn lied to the public. According to publicly available documents, he concessions for the Ilovitsa-Shtuka mine was not issued by the previous VMRO-DPMNE Government in 2012, as Kovachevski claimed on Sunday, but in 2006, when also SDSM and DUI were in power, and were signed by the then PM Vlado Buchkovski.

Despite these facts, PM Kovachevski continues to brazenly lie to the Macedonian citizens, while he can annul the Government decision with only one signature.

“Therefrom, we ask PM Kovachevski if he knows what company is involved in the concessions of the mine in Strumitsa region, is it very close to Ali Ahmeti and DUI leadership, and is this entire operation aimed to line the Zayas clan’s pockets? DUI and SDS should be aware that there will be no excavations in this region against the will of the local population”, VMRO-DPMNE stated on Monday.