I take the scandal in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy as a special war against the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said in an interview for MRTV 2.

“Non-governmental organizations and the media and political parties have all become prosecutors and all accuse of stealing and dirty work, and none of them goes to report to the prosecution. Here, let’s take the last case where the minister comes out without any responsibility and says that 19 million euros have been lost in the Pension Fund. I understand this message as a special war against the DUI, because it happened by chance that the directors to be from DUI. Why doesn’t she go to the Prosecutor’s Office, it’s 19 million euros we are talking about,” Ahmeti said.

Ahmeti also stressed that the fact that he pays a political price for this is not important, because it is more important that with this move the Minister insulted more than DUI’s100,000 voters.

“She comes out today and says that it was a technical mistake, but for that technical mistake, I pay a political price. It is not important that I pay a political price, but with this, she has insulted more than DUI’s 100,000 voters,” Ahmeti says.