Bilal Kasami, leader of the ethnic Albanian BESA party, warned Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that his Government will be brought down by the Albanian voters. Kasami and Ziadin Sela from the Alliance of Albanians are supporting the only ethnic Albanian candidate in the race, Blerim Reka, for President, and are aiming at undermining Zaev’s Albanian coalition partner DUI in the process.

Zaev must not forget that the Gruevski regime was brought down with Albanian votes. I can tell you that Zaev’s regime and his Albanian supporters will also be brought down with Albanian votes, with your votes for Blerim Reka, said Kasami.

The Albanian opposition bloc is riled up after Artan Grubi, leading official of the DUI party, attacked Reka as “not fully Albanian” during one of his pre-election rallies in support of the joint SDSM – DUI Stevo Pendarovski. Grubi insinuated that Reka’s last name indicates that he has a non-Albanian origin. This angered the BESA and AA parties who accuse DUI of failing to support Albanian national interests.

A vote for Reka is a vote for all Albanians who were imprisoned for their equality and national dignity. On April 21st, revolt against the unfulfilled promises that there will be justice. Send a message that Albanians are here to stay, said AA party leader Ziadin Sela, during the joint Albanian opposition rally in Tetovo, which was also attended by Kosovan Albanian nationalist politician Albin Kurti.