Venko Filipce does not have an answer to any question that interests the public and that is posed to him all day, but he is sure of one thing and knows only that he will not resign. At the same time, he does not know if he felt moral responsibility and would wait for the report of Oliver Spasovski, said today the spokesman of VMRO DPMNE Dimce Arsovski, who once again expressed condolences to the families of the victims in yesterday’s fire at the hospital in Tetovo.

We extend condolences that 14 lives have been lost in an institution whose safety and lives should be taken care of by the Ministry of Health. What we primarily want to emphasize at this point, is the need for a neutral and objective investigation and locating full responsibility for yesterday’s tragedy. Unfortunately, without the resignation of Zoran Zaev and Venko Filipce, who can influence the investigation, an impartial and objective investigation will not be possible, he said.