Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer confirmed that the Islamist who was killed yesterday by the police after participating in the major terror attacks in Vienna was a 20 year old dual Macedonian – Austrian citizen named Kujtim Fetullahi.

Earlier media reports identified this attacker as Kurtin S., a 20 year old born in Vienna, from ethnic Albanian parents from Tetovo, Macedonia. Nehammer said that the attacker was armed with a gun, a pistol, a machete and a fake explosive vest. He was shot by the police who believed he is about to self-detonate. German Bild paper published images of the Islamist that he shared online, armed and bearded, swearing allegiance to the Islamic State.

Fetullahi reportedly tried to travel to Syria earlier this year, but was stopped by Austrian security services. Four other Islamists were detained and at least one is believed to be at large. The Islamists killed at least five civilians and wounded over a dozen.