The management of the Sutka prison near Skopje informed that Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 was sent to the so-called Hague wing of the prison, which has the best living standards in the otherwise horrific prison.

The name derives from the Hague tribunal, as a wing of the prison was “spruced up” in anticipation of high level war crimes prisoners. Boki 13, known for his lavish lifestyle that was apparently built on the proceeds from his politically connected racketeering, earned a place in the “Hague wing” because he had health issues, the management said. It is believed that Boki 13 underwent a stomach stapling surgery recently.

The main amenity in the Hague wing is the fact that the rooms there have a semi-private toilet, unlike the open squat toilets in the other wings. Prisoners also have less cellmates there and more daylight.

SDSM party official Esad Rahik was recently named warden of the Sutka prison after a series of incidents and beatings of political prisoners. Rahik’s daughter works for Katica Janeva’s Special Prosecutor’s Office, which may have contributed to the favorable treatment Boki 13 receives. Janeva is suspected of being part of his racketeering group.