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Macedonia 17.04.24 | 18:22

Sutka Mayor Kurto Dudus charged with abuse of office

Kurto Dudus, Mayor of Suto Orizari (Sutka) – the only majority Roma municipality in Macedonia – is facing criminal charges of abuse of office. Skopje police filed the charges after Dudus appointed new management to a kindergarten even though both managers were not already working at the institution....

Macedonia 30.01.23 | 13:34

Stoilkovski: New escape from Sutka prison, must blood fall like in Idrizovo for Tupancevski and Sokol to be held accountable?

Another prisoner escaped from the Skopje prison in Suto Orizari. Second escape in two weeks, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski said today. Two days ago, Arif Alili from Kicevo escaped from the prison where Filip Andov Sokol is the director. And Alili, the newest fugitive from the prison under...

Macedonia 25.10.21 | 17:11

Administrative Court accepted a request from LDP/DOM candidate Kurto Dudus and nullified the vote in one place in Shuto Orizari

The Administrative Court nullified the voting in one polling station in Shuto Orizari due to irregularities. The decision is sent to the State Electoral Commission, which needs to determine if the votes from this station affect the overall result of the elections, especially in the distribution of Council...

Macedonia 12.10.21 | 18:11

Jordan Kamcev is being abused in prison by both guards and prisoners

Toni Menkinoski, the lawyer representing businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, said that Kamcev was exposed to organized degradation in the Sutka prison, by both guards and prisoners last week. During his transfer to the Skopje courthouse, to attend trial in a politically motivated case, Kamcev was handcuffed...

Macedonia 09.07.21 | 19:22

Mijalkov taken to the Sistina clinic for eye treatment

Former security chief Saso Mijalkov was rushed to the Sistina hospital today, for treatment after he developed problems with his eyes. His defense team demanded that he is treated urgently, after he had redness and other problems with his sight. Mijalkov is detained in the badly substandard Sutka prison...

Macedonia 10.10.20 | 18:15

Sutka prison employee slashed by a prisoner

An employee of the Sutka prison was injured by a prisoner who attacked him with a sharp object and slashed him on the arm. The attack occurred on Friday around noon. There is no word on the cause of the incident.

Macedonia 21.06.20 | 14:17

Minister Culev after the incident in Sutka: We will investigate all instances of voter bribery

Interior Minister Nake Culev said that the police conducted a search in the home of a police officer, who was also an SDSM party activist and a member of an NGO group, for bribing voters in Skopje’s Shuto Orizari/Sutka district. The officer, who was identified in the press as Seafedin Sefer, was...

Macedonia 20.06.20 | 17:15

Police interrogates fellow officer and SDSM activist who filmed bribing Roma voters in Skopje

Skopje police officers interrogated one of their policemen who was filmed bribing voters in the majority Roma municipality of Shuto Orizari. The poor part of the city is targeted by the ruling SDSM party that is trying to buy votes there ahead of the elections on July 17. SDSM activists filmed bribing...

Macedonia 19.06.20 | 15:25

SDSM activists filmed bribing Roma voters in Skopje

SDSM party activists were filmed giving bribes to poor families in Skopje’s majority Roma Shuto Orizari district. The video, published today, shows a man giving up to 1.700 denars (30EUR) to people instructed to vote SDSM at the coming elections. The posters of the video allege that the bribery...

Macedonia 06.06.20 | 12:59

Shuto Orizari municipal authorities ignored coronavirus restrictions, put citizens at risk

A TV24 report from the municipality of Shuto Orizari north of Skopje reveals how municipal authorities have endangered the citizens. A campaign was meant to distribute new trash cans to the citizens of the poor, majority Roma area, but it was conducted with zero distancing. People crowded the area where...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 10:10

Medical teams sent to the Sutka prison after a prisoner died of the coronavirus

Medical teams were sent to the Sutka prison to swab three dozen prisoners, after a prisoner from Radovis died two days ago and the autopsy showed he had the Covid-19 virus. Besides the prisoners, guards and other employees will also be tested for the disease. The deceased prisoner was detained for a...

Macedonia 09.04.20 | 17:56

Prisoner from Resen who died yesterday had the coronavirus

The 47 year old prisoner from a village near Resen who died in the Sutka prison in Skopje was Covid-19 positive, revealed Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce. The death was initially deemed a heart attack at a patient who had no prior symptoms of heart disease. An autopsy and a coronavirus test were ordered.

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 14:04

Three men found dead in various locations in Skopje, no initial connection to the coronavirus epidemic is suspected

Three persons were found dead today, across the capital Skopje. So far there is no confirmation that the incidents are linked with the coronavirus epidemic. One man died while jogging along the Vardar river. Police and a medical team were called up but it was too late to save him. The identity is still...

Macedonia 14.02.20 | 13:01

Boki 13 says he was attacked by prison guards

Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, the businessman charged with being a major part in the large racketeering scandal, told the press today that he was attacked by prison guards. He made the claim while he was being escorted into the courthouse for today’s hearing. While the two co-defendants, Katica...

Macedonia 04.12.19 | 17:14

Appeals Court rejects Boki 13’s request to be released into house arrest

The Skopje Appeals Court rejected a request from Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 to be released into house arrest like the other two co-defendants in the Racket trial Katica Janeva and Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kiceec. Boki 13’s lawyer insists that he is suffering from serious consequences of...

Macedonia 19.11.19 | 18:51

Heavily disguised, Katica Janeva was taken by police to her son’s apartment where she will remain in house arrest

Disgraced former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva was escorted to her home from the Sutka prison this afternoon. Janeva was wrapped up in a large jacket to obscure herself from the TV cameras as she was taken into a police vehicle. The Appeals Court approved her request to have the detention order commuted...

Macedonia 25.09.19 | 14:06

Sutka prison warden still won’t say where Katica Janeva is kept, fueling speculation

Esad Rahik, the SDSM party official appointed as warden of the Sutka prison, refused to give a direct answer when asked where is former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva kept. Rumors have swirled that Janeva, who appeared disheveled during her questioning earlier this week, is not even in Sutka, but is...

Macedonia 04.09.19 | 15:45

Katica Janeva’s attempt to issue orders to her prosecutors from prison is not acceptable, the opposition says

Katica Janeva’s unexpected move today to order her staff to give all their case-files to Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski was met with amazement. Janeva is detained, and as such she should not direcly communicate with other persons or institutions, except through her lawyer, said VMRO-DPMNE member...

Macedonia 17.07.19 | 15:45

Boki 13 sent to the “luxurious” “Hague wing” of the Sutka prison

The management of the Sutka prison near Skopje informed that Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 was sent to the so-called Hague wing of the prison, which has the best living standards in the otherwise horrific prison. The name derives from the Hague tribunal, as a wing of the prison was “spruced...

Macedonia 19.06.19 | 23:24

Goran Angelov is being sent to the notoriously unsafe Sutka prison

A lawyer representing Macedonian activist Goran Angelov, who was sentenced for “terrorism” in the April 2017 trial, informs that Angelov was ordered to be transferred to the Sutka prison. The prison became notorious for several attacks on other political prisoners of the Zaev regime. Jane...