The president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski rejects the claims of SDSM that he is the founder and owner of small hydropower plants as false.

Namely, yesterday, October 3, 2022, at a press conference, many lies, untruths, and slanders were presented with the aim to harm in public, but speaking of the truth, I would like to present two pieces of evidence to the Macedonian public. The first piece of evidence is the decision of the Anti-Corruption Commission from November 2019, which, acting upon a receipt of information, determined that there is no conflict of interest, and thus the case is closed and archived with the clarification of a member of the commission that all public allegations are incorrect (Picture 1). The second piece of evidence is a verdict of the Civil Court in Skopje from April 2022, with which the court stated that SDSM, intending to harm my honor and reputation, presented untrue facts on its official page on the social network Facebook (Pictures 2 and 3). They are nervous because the latest affair shows how badly they have destroyed the system with trade in influence, businesses, and shady tenders. I know fully that they are scared, the day is coming when they will be held accountable for the crime, the betrayals, and the shame they caused the Macedonian people and Macedonia. My fight against criminals in politics is unconditional. The more you lie and slander the more you motivate me. With each passing day, Macedonia is closer to freedom, and political criminals to responsibility. We are going all the way….