The most important thing is that the North Macedonian flag is flying on the mast. Everything else will pass.

This is how the professor at the Faculty of Law “Justinian I”, and husband of the Minister of Justice Renata Deskoska, Toni Deskoski commented on a news article related to Macedonia’s NATO membership.

This is not the first time the professor has used the adjective “North Macedonian” although, even under the Prespa Agreement and all directions and promises by the MoFA and Zaev’s government, the use of the adjective Macedonian is correct.

But Deskoski now elaborates on what all Macedonians and language experts had warned before signing that agreement.

So, when the interlocutor warns him that it is a Macedonian flag, the professor insists that it is North Macedonian, because it is not only the flag of the Macedonians, but of all the citizens of the country.

On the notion that citizens would be called according to that logic, and that is not allowed because the flag is a state symbol and such an adjective cannot be used, the professor says that the reality is unpleasant.