The Commission on Infectious Diseases must not allow to succumb to political pressure, said Dr. Nenad Lazarov on the “Sto ne e jasno” show. He pointed out that the Commission on Infectious Diseases has succumbed to political pressure, the measures have been relaxed too early and this is the reason why we have a new peak of the dangerous virus.

It is necessary for that commission to give exclusively medical opinion without allowing their decision-making to be politically motivated, nor succumb to any other pressure, and that is the pressure from the business sector. It is an obligation and what is expected from the Commission on Infectious Diseases is to give an extremely expert opinion on the procedures that need to be done from a medical point of view. They should not think about the economic consequences, the political consequences, but absolutely stay with the medical opinion. If they do, there will be no problems. However, I feel that the pressure on them, both politically and from the business community, is enormous, he said.