The “Mafia” affair got international proportions. The issuance of official passports and documents by the Ministry of Interior to world criminals, drug bosses, mobsters and members of ISIS is a threat to the security system of other countries, not just the Macedonian one. Macedonia has become a European and world security problem due to Zoran Zaev and Oliver Spasovski. The consequences of this affair can be far-reaching for Macedonia as a country and for our citizens, Orce Gjorgjievski from VMRO-DPMNE emphasized at Tuesday’s press conference.

The European Commission has already pointed out that the violation of the security of personal documents on such a scale as it happened in Macedonia with this Mafia affair, threatens the key condition for the liberalization of the visa regime for the citizens of our country. In other words, the failure to fulfill this condition seriously jeopardizes the visa-free regime and the free travel of Macedonian citizens without visas to European Union countries, he said.

He emphasized that now everyone outside the borders of the Republic of Macedonia knows of the Zaev government providing protection for terrorists, mobsters and criminals. 

The shame and the damaged state reputation are only part of the problem. The biggest problem is that due to the criminal-institutional ties in Macedonia, our citizens will suffer, as well as the businessmen who risk losing the acquired right to travel to Europe without visas. For this, there must be both political and criminal responsibility, said Gjorgjievski.