The AFET Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament approved the appointment of Hungarian candidate Oliver Varhelyi as the next EU Enlargement Commissioner.

Varhelyi was asked to provide additional written answers following his initial testimony before the Committee, and today AFET members announced that they are satisfied with his replies.

What an honor to become part of team Ursula von der Leyen. For stronger Europe together!, Varhelyi said following the decision.

Next week his nomination should be put before the full Parliament. Commission President Von der Leyen faced difficulties in putting together her team, especially after the shocking rejection of the French candidate. Hungary and Romania were also forced to nominate new candidates.

It is now expected that the new Commission will begin its work on December 1st, one month after it was initially scheduled. One outstanding issue is whether the United Kingdom will have a commissioner. Von der Leyen asked the UK to nominate one after the latest delay of its Brexit.