Journalist and political analyst Laris Gaiser, who participated in the Bled Economic Forum, where Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov also took part, conveys his impressions from the forum in a text published in “La Verita”.

The revelations of the existing corruption in the Macedonian political and judicial system published by La Verita last month were a constant part of both the informal discussions and the public ones. During the last session, the moderator of the roundtable dedicated to the Balkans asked the Macedonian Foreign Minister – Nikola Dimitrov, whether his country is ready to fight corruption, including the one we published, in the “Racket” case, to become a full-fledged member of the EU. Ensuring that all those responsible will be punished and that former prosecutor Katica Janeva is already in prison, he added that the first to seek an investigation into the extortion case of Boki 13 was Prime Minister Zaev, long before the scandal was published in La Verita. Dimitrov failed to explain why until our intervention, no competent authority, although possessing the same evidence, took the necessary measures and left the alleged culprits free. That same freedom that was immediately taken away, as a result of our publications, writes Gaiser in a text published in La Verita.