The Government adopted Tuesday the National COVID-19 Vaccination Plan, tasking the Ministry of Health and other competent institutions with its implementation and regular monthly progress reporting.

Vaccination in the country will be implemented in three phases in which different categories of citizens are covered.

The phases, as clarified by the government press service, will be in accordance with the initial quantities of available vaccines and the risk priority vaccination groups. Three main groups are prioritized in order to ensure the functioning of the health system, to protect those most at risk of getting infected, complication and death, and to maintain basic services of critical infrastructure.

The existing health infrastructure and the professional staff that has been implementing the vaccinations in the country so far will be tasked with the implementation of the vaccination. The organization of the system will be adapted to the conditions and at the moment when there will be a larger number of vaccines, vaccination will be carried out in a wider range with the possibility of involving more vaccination teams and opening points, reads the government’s press release.