Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias used the visit by Macedonian Minister Bujar Osmani to remind him that Macedonia needs to implement additional portions of the 2018 Prespa treaty, such as mandatory use of the imposed name “North Macedonia” by private persons and companies.

Dendias said that it is necessary to have full and consistent implementation of the treaty. He acknowledged progress in this regard on the part of Macedonia, but asked for more to be done, including using the name by private subjects, such as internet sites. Dendias also demanded that Macedonia continues to remove the Star of Kutles (Vergina) from all public spaces, and to continue renaming roads and institutions that still bear names from the ancient history that Greece lays claim to.

Osmani did not push back on the demands. The use of the imposed name is widely rejected by Macedonian citizens and private entities, while it is largely accepted in public institutions.