Healthcare Minister Fatmir Mexhiti threatened to resign if the BRAKO company receives money for the three improvised hospital wards that it built and hasn’t been paid for yet. The wards are part of the large procurement that the politically linked company got under Zoran Zaev and Venko Filipce – the Tetovo Covid ward burst in flames on September 8th 2021, and burnt down in minutes, killing 14 patients and family members.

We haven’t paid a dime for these three wards. If a dime is paid for any of them, I will resign immediately. No payments will be made until the case is fully investigated, said Mexhiti, member of the Alliance of Albanians party which only recently joined the Government, and which demands accountability for the disaster which killed mainly ethnic Albanians.

A recent investigative report blamed the office of public prosecutors of refusing to fully investigate the scandal, whether the politicians in charge who ordered the construction of the improvised hospitals and did not provide for the necessary safety standards, or the BRAKO company, owned by former Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev.