“Republiка” today talked with comedian Alexei Stolyarov – Lexus, who posed as Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in the conversations with Zoran Zaev. He reveals that they had reached the Macedonian Prime Minister through his protocol. After that, the communication took place very easily, Zaev gave his own phone number himself. None of the protocol checked whether it was President Poroshenko who was really calling, and Zaev did not at any moment suspect that it was a fake Poroshenko. He wrote to “Poroshenko”, sent him messages, insisted on communication. The Russian comedian says it will be interesting to see how relations between Macedonia and Ukraine will unfold after Zaev called incumbent President Zelensky a clown. As our interlocutor says, Zaev himself used dirty tricks for himself to be prepared for any provocation. He emphasizes that Zaev also talked about corruption in the conversations with them.