The Lider news site reports that an SDSM party official, who was involved in an ugly anti-Semitic attack on the newly appointed Labour and Welfare Minister Rasela Mizrahi, is married to a man who was part of the 2010 Gaza flotilla.

Mersiha Smailovic is an NGO activist and worked for the Labour and Welfare Ministry under Minister Mila Carovska. Following the appointment of Mizrahi, who is the first Jewish member of a Macedonian Government, Smailovic responded by spreading a fake news report that Mizrahi brought a party flag to her office, and then followed up by telling Mizrahi that she should wear the star of David instead.

This, and other ugly anti-Semitic comments aimed at Mizrahi, prompted a half-harted condemnation from party leader Zoran Zaev.

But Lider now reports that Smailovic’s husband, Jasmin Rexhepi, who is also an outspoken activist, was part of the Gaza flotilla incident in 2010. Rexhepi was on board the Mavi Marmara ship which attempted to violate the Gaza control and was boarded by the Israeli forces, who feared it is bringing weapons and other supplies to Hamas.

Rexhepi was on board the ship with two other Macedonian citizens, and all were deported back to Macedonia by Israel. Despite all this, former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev took Rexhepi in in his SDSM party, and he is now employed in a public inspection office – in other words, is a public official. At a time when Macedonia is declaring that it is joining the West, but the Government adopts people who would label Jews and assault sovereign countries, said Lider editor Ljupco Zlatev.