Zoran Zaev repeated his call to European Union countries to approve opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia in June.

Speaking on the day used to celebrate Europe, Zaev said that now that all open issues with neighboring countries have been resolved, there is no excuse to keep postponing the accession talks.

We are glowing in the Balkans, we have no open issues with neighbors, we are finalizing talks with the opposition on the public prosecutors law and we expect responsibility on all sides to complete the judicial reforms in May. We showed ability to implement reforms, to pursue dialogue and unity, those are European values and we expect that this will be recognized by the Council in June, said Zaev.

France leads the opposition against opening EU accession talks for Macedonia and Albania and Zaev failed to placate French President Emmanuel Macron during the recent Balkan summit in Berlin. He vowed to meet with Macron 10 times if possible until the EU June summit to get him to approve the accession talks.