Deputy Education Minister Petar Atansov from the SDSM party announced his resignation today, saying that he was not allowed to effect meaningful change in the ten months he held the office. Atanasov adds that he is resigning as it is clear that the “revolution has begun to devour its children”.

I accepted the invitation to perform this office with great satisfaction and trust and I entered a system which was not reformed for a long time, and has deteriorated a lot. And yet, except for endless formalities, nothing significant happened in the past months. We are not implementing the changes in the education which we promised and you know best why that is the case, Atanasov writes to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

His resignation comes at a time when Zaev is performing a modest reconstruction of the Government, which was initially announced as a thorough purge of the most corrupt and incompetent members of his Government.