Goran Nakevski, the father of Aleksandar Nakevski who was killed in the 2012 Good Friday massacre, told the court at the hearing today that he doesn’t expect the case to be resolved so long as the DUI party is in the ruling coalition.

It will only be postponed and dragged out for years, Nakevski said, adding that the parents know that a number of DUI party officials were in contact with those accused in the massacre. Similar claims were made by Zoran Zaev when, as opposition leader, he claimed that he has access to wiretaps shedding a new light on the murder of four youngsters and one man at the Smilkovsko lake close to Skopje.

But, since becoming Prime Minister, Zaev has kept silent on the case. The life sentences handed to three ethnic Albanian islamists accused with perpetrating the murders, and three of their accomplices, were nullified by the court and the case was sent for retrial. The murders were perpetrated on the eve of Good Friday, apparently in order to spark a religious conflict in Macedonia.