The latest IPSOS poll shows that SDSM continues to collapse in the public view, after the numerous corruption scandals, several deadly disasters and their defeat in the October local elections.

The poll, conducted in early to mid December by the IPSOS agency, shows that 21 percent of the voters support VMRO-DPMNE against just 12 percent for SDSM, a ratio that does not bode well for the party’s attempt to cling on to power under its little known new leader Dimitar Kovacevski.

The poll also showed that 53 percent of the citizens believe that Zaev performed badly as Prime Minister, against just 29 percent who are satisfied with his work. An even higher percentage, 60 percent, believe that Macedonia is headed in a wrong direction, against just 25 percent who believe the opposite. In November, this ratio was 57 against 31 percent. And whopping 64 percent think that the Government is not doing enough to fight corruption against just 29 percent who are satisfied in this regard.