It was not Finland after all, but another fake news about Zaev’s alleged reforms. The government is a source of fake news, because Finland directly denied that the Ministry of Education in Macedonia is making educational reforms like in Finland, the largest opposition party VMRO DPMNE reacted in a press release.

In Finland, history is a mandatory class for all elementary and high school students, and learning history and historic skills is at the basis of the new educational program of Finland.

The government should immediately withdraw from the abolition of history and announced experiments in education. It was seen that this is not about standards, but about the lies of Zaev and the minister who spreads fake news Mila Carovska. After all this, the Government and Zaev should apologize to all the citizens who misled them. Apart from corruption, the government is a major source of fake news. The infection is incurable, says VMRO- DPMNE.