Slovenia’s Prime Minister Janez Jansa told Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) that he understood Bulgaria’s position on its veto on the start of Macedonia’s EU negotiations, as it is a member of the bloc, but that a compromise must be found, MIA reports from Sofia.

When we are in one family, first comes its interest, and then the others. We have to act as a family, but we have to try and find a compromise, Jansa told BNR.

Jansa assessed the proposal of the Portuguese presidency for resolving the dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria as good.

It is good for Bulgaria to accept a nation that speaks a similar language and has a close culture. The issue may be debatable, but we need to have a strategic view of things, Jansa added.

Slovernia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ange Logar, announced that one of his first upcoming visits will be to Bulgaria in connection with the country’s veto on the start of EU negotiations with Macedonia.

On Thursday, Slovenia took over the six-month rotating EU presidency from Portugal.