Bilal Kasami from the BESA party acknowledged that the ruling DUI party is in a critical condition and is trying to get BESA to return to the Government.

DUI engineered the entry of the Alliance of Albanians party to shore up the Government, whose weak ruling majority is further reduced with defections form unsatisfied DUI members of Parliament. But, according to Kasami, the flow has not been stopped.

I had this experience with DUI leader Ahmeti in 2016, when if not every day, he would look me up every other week, as he was in an crisis. Now he calls, asks for meetings, sends emissaries. He needs the BESA members of Parliament to reduce the influence of the splinter faction in DUI, Kasami said.

Ahmeti is advocating a coalition of all Albanian parties with SDSM in an attempt to beat VMRO-DPMNE in the coming elections.