In an interview with TV Plus, the mayor of Kumanovo, Maksim Dimitrievski, expressed regret for the conditions in the field of education and said that not only the energy crisis, but also raising the minimum wage creates certain problems in society.

I think that every person deserves a higher salary, and salaries in Macedonia are definitely low. A solution to the problem of teachers’ salaries needs to be found. However, I am independent in the part of my work and I have no right to interfere directly in the part of the work of the trade unions. If I look and discuss as a person, I personally support such a form because I think that the salaries in the field of education are very low, especially for the people who work directly on the educational program, and that is the professors and teachers. They are the vanguard in the society and teachers do not deserve to receive a salary of around 25, 26 thousand denars. There was almost an equalization with the support technical staff. People deserve higher salaries and more funds, but what is the result of the strike and the interruption in the part of work and the educational program, we will have to compensate in some way, for that the competent ministry should come up with specific directions on how to compensate the program because we are in a corona crisis for two and a half years, Dimitrievski said.

Dimitrievski expressed confidence that the Government will find the strength to meet these demands, because the demands of professors and teachers are legitimate.