First of all I want to welcome you to this great nationwide protest. There is no politics here, there is only one party here, that is Macedonia, and here are people from all political parties, but also those who are undecided, and who, for the past day and night, have put up a lot of resistance on social media publicly, but also in the company of his associates, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristian Mickoski at Saturday’s protest against the French proposal.

What I want to say is that today Macedonia is waking up and all those who want to put an end to Macedonia in a day or two from today, the Macedonian people and Macedonian citizens will not forget this.

We do not need Europe if we are to assimilate. I do not want to be in Europe because I have the right to be a Macedonian who speaks the Macedonian language and who fights for his Macedonia and for his identity, for his culture, for his history and for his heritage.

That’s what I want to order today and that’s what these tens of thousands of citizens are ordering in a few weeks from that grandiose event on June 18.

I want to tell those in the government that I am not interested in Edi Rama’s message, I am interested in the message of these thousands of people here. And that’s a NO for the last proposal. We will wait if Europe is not ready to receive us, the civilized Macedonians, in a civilized and dignified way where we belong, and that is in Europe, we will wait when people come who understand what we want to say today and that is Macedonia above all, the Macedonian identity above all.

The protest held under the slogan “ULTIMATUM – No thanks” was supported by several political parties and civil society organizations. They are against the Government signing the French proposal, which, as they point out, is extremely bad for the Macedonian people and Macedonian national interests.