The time of the political elite is over, here comes the time of politicians who’ll roll up their sleeves to renew their country together with the people, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told Saturday’s rally of the “Renewal of Macedonia” coalition in Kriva Palanka.

The renewal, he said, is explained in 360 pages of the election program consisting of over 1,000 projects and more than 1,000 solution to problems we will start to solve after July 15.

According to Mickoski, renewal of the country means higher wages, higher pensions, low taxes, reforms in the healthcare, education and judiciary, subsidies for farmers, etc.

Criticizing his opponents, Mickoski said that SDSM’s matrix was made up of four steps, namely “pre-election lies, national humiliation and shame if they form a government, crime and captured prosecution and judiciary.”

“If they form a government, Macedonia will be on the table. A vote for SDSM is a vote for federalization of Macedonia,” the opposition leader said.

I stand before you and I promise that no one will boss around anymore, but those who will lead the government will talk and listen to the people. We will all roll up our sleeves and work. What can be done will be done immediately, what cannot be done will be said when it is done, Mickoski said.