During the large VMRO-DPMNE rally in Skopje, opposition leader Mickoski openly announced to the Albanian opposition bloc VLEN, which is engaged in a difficult election battle with Ali Ahmeti’s DUI party, that they are the preferred partner for VMRO-DPMNE when coalition making begins after the elections. Still, Mickoski urged them to show respect, referring to the past years when DUI openly pushed Macedonians to make concessions on national identity issues in favor of Greece and now Bulgaria.

We want to form a coalition with you, and to respect you as friends and fellow citizens. Macedonians and Albanians both have the same problems and challenges. Your sons and daughters are emigrating just like ours do. We will work together for a country with equal privileges but also equal responsibility, Mickoski said.

He told DUI that it will be healthy for them to spend some time in the opposition – a situation Ahmeti’s party hasn’t been in since 2008. “Get rid of the criminals, remove your corrupt officials from our Government and we will value that as your contribution to our shared country and political system”, Mickoski said.

Mickoski also addressed the businessmen in the country, many of whom have openly expressed anger at the way in which SDSM allows DUI to control important departments in the Government, that opens the business to extortion.

It is up to you whether we will allow five people in DUI to run the country and win all Government contracts, or whether we do things right, in a proper way, rewarding quality work. You will either allow DUI and SDSM to engage in racketeering, or you will join the wave of changes and support us, so that we can become a decent country where honest business is rewarded, Mickoski said.
DUI leader Ali Ahmeti openly accused the largest Macedonian Chamber of Commerce SKM of supporting VMRO-DPMNE, and SDSM leader Kovacevski also made comments in this regard.

To the various other interest groups – Mickoski pledged a flat increase of retirement incomes by 5,000 denars for all pensioners. This is a break with the current Government’s policy of proportional increases, where those with already high pensions get the highest increase. And for the young, Mickoski urged them to get politically active and vote for the opposition in the coming elections. Mickoski also called on the healthcare workers, farmers and other groups in the country to end the abuses of the current Government and vote for the opposition.