During an interview with Sitel TV, opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski, who is a formed head of the state owned ELEM electricity generating company, warned about the extent of the coming energy crisis.

Energy inputs influence prices of all products, from 5 to 90 percent. This will add to the already growing inflation rate, at a time when we are left without domestic energy reserves. We are not digging for coal, and we are told that Kosovo will supply us. To supply only the REK Bitola coal plant, it will take 1,000 trucks a day. Just one unit in Bitola needs 500 trucks a day. Zaev says that we will pay 50 million EUR to import coal – that is because of the fact that he undercut domestic production of coal. There is practically no coal digging in Bitola any more, Mickoski said.

He accused the Zaev regime of planning to give the contract to transport the badly needed coal from Kosovo to trucking companies linked to the “ruling family” or to their mayoral candidate in Bitola, businessman Hristo Kondovski – Stenton.