Civic association MOST told the first in a series of news conferences on Wednesday that all poling station where it has posted observers opened on time and no voting irregularities have been reported thus far.

Voting is conduced safely, in line with health protocols.

900 MOST observers are monitoring voting activities in 696 randomly chosen polling stations in North Macedonia.

“Static MOST observers will monitor the voting process throughout the day. The association also has 55 mobile teams, made up of two monitors who will visit polling stations where no MOST observers have been posted. Moreover, 80 monitors are set to observe municipal electoral commissions and State Election Commission’s activities,” MOST said.

MOST is conducting monitoring activities in line with the Declaration of global principles for non-partisan election observation and monitoring by citizen organizations and international standards for domestic election observers.

MOST observers wear yellow T-shirts with the association’s logo and “Monitoring 2020” written on them and have been accredited by the State Election Commission to monitor the election.