Polling stations opened on time Wednesday morning and no incidents have been reported in the voting process thus far, the State Election Commission (SEC) has told MIA.

Voting in 3,390 stations started at 7:00 and is set to end at 21:00.

1,814,613 voters are eligible to cast their ballots in six electoral districts. 15 political parties and coalitions with a total 1,578 candidates are taking part in the election process.

Voters cast their votes in secret, by encircling the ordinal number on the ballot before the party or the coalition that had submitted the list of candidates.

The tenth parliamentary and fifth early election in Macedonia is taking place in extraordinary conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All voting participants need to abide by coronavirus preventive measures, wear face masks, practice social distancing and disinfect their hands before entering and exiting polling stations.

SEC members following a session on Tuesday, reiterated that voting is safe and urged citizens to go out and vote.