Saso Vasilevski, the recently dismissed director of the lucrative MEPSO public energy company, was in the news yesterday as it was revealed that he purchased a significantly under-priced apartment from one of the defendants in a case launched by disgraced Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who is reportedly very close to Vasilevski.

According to the reports, Janeva placed the rest of the property of the company it was investigating under a freeze order, but never the less allowed it to sell this one apartment to Vasilevski, at 2/3 of the market price, which prompted speculations that this was one of the ways Janeva and those around her were extorting property from the targets of prosecution.

Republika can now report that Janeva also hired Vasilevski’s daughter, Marija Vasilevska, in her SPO office. Vasilevska, who holds a degree in law, was hired in December 2017 and is paid 49.000 denars, twice above the average wage.

Vasilevski was a deputy Justice Minister, was member of the bar exam commission and had two terms in the Council of Public Prosecutors, where he worked closely with Janeva, but also Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, on the establishment of the SPO office. This was reportedly the time where he developed a close relationship with Janeva. He cashed in on his cooperation with Zaev with the appointment to MEPSO, which is one of the main cash cows of the Government.

Janeva’s office has a rampant nepotism problem. She hired her own nephew, Georgi Delidzakov, and allowed prosecutor Elizabeta Josifovska to hire her own daughter Elena. Prosecutor Gavril Bubevski was appointed to the SPO and tasked with investigating cases that included Zoran Zaev despite being the best man of Zaev’s lawyer Filip Medarski. Bubevski also reportedly had a cousin hired in the same office.

Janeva also hired the daughter of SDSM party official Esad Rahik, who is now the warden of the Sutka prison. The list of hires includes many of the Colored Revolution activists and SDSM party supporters.