An ancillary scandal possibly related to the Katica Janeva drama was revealed today by the A1on news site, which involves the recently dismissed manager of the state owned electricity transmission company MEPSO Saso Vasilevski.

According to the report Vasilevski, who is close to Janeva, was able to purchase an apartment owned by a company that Janeva was pressing charges against well under its market price. Janeva filed charges against the Benton company and ordered its property frozen.

A1on quotes sources within Janeva’s now thoroughly disgraced Special Prosecutor’s Office, who claim that the chief Special Prosecutor ordered that one apartment in Skopje owned by Benton is left out of the order to freeze the property, allowing Benton to sell the apartment to a close acquaintance of Katica Janeva. If true, this conforms well with the reports that Janeva and people close to her were extorting money but also other valuables such as vehicles, yachts and now it seems apartments as well, from businessmen who were charged by the SPO.

The 109 square meter apartment, in a desirable part of Skopje, was sold to Vasilevski for 80.000 EUR, or 730 EUR per square meter, well below the market price which can fetch up to 1.000 EUR /m2, for an apartment that size. That same apartment was previously sold to Benton by Cvetan Pandeleski, owner of the Pelisterka bottling company, which is also being pressured by Janeva, for 113.000 EUR.

Vasilevski was recently caught up in Zaev’s purge of corrupt Government officials. The latest revelations have sparked rumors that Zaev knew about Vasilevski’s ties with Katica Janeva and is purging people close to the disgraced Special Prosecutor.