A new mafia scandal, this time the suspicions are turned to the tender of the lazy Petre. Obviously, a new “Dragi Raskovski” is in sight, but this time in the city of Skopje, led by Petre Silegov.

What is this about?

The Secretary of the City of Skopje is Viktorija Avramovska Madic; SDSM party staff, in fact it is the same person that Zoran Zaev declared as party winner as the only candidate in the party elections, this VMRO-DPMNE’s spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski revealed at Sunday’s press conference.

The “Armor Plus” company is a frequent winner of the public contracts of the City of Skopje where millions of denars circulate. It is this company for procurement of protective firefighting equipment, as it it says here, based on the “Third Macedonian Brigade” Blvd No. 48. “Armor Plus” is a company owned by Dimitar Petreski. Dimitar Petreski, though, is the husband of the sister of Viktorija Avramovska Madic, secretary of the City of Skopje. So the municipality where Madic is secretary, issues a tender or public procurement call, and Dimitar Petreski, Viktorija Madic’s brother-in-law is the winner of those business contracts. Every year the “Armor Plus” company won the public contracts from the municipality run by Petre Silegov. Thus, the company of the brother-in-law of the Secretary of the City of Skopje in November last year, won a contracts for protective equipment in the amount of almost 5 million denars. There was a similar public procurement contract a month earlier in the amount of 350 thousand denars. In 2019, the brother-in-law is awarded another public procurement contract by the municipality run by Silegov in the amount of over 2 million denars, says Stoilkovski.

He adds that the same company won public contracts on two other occasions in 2017, immediately after Silegov took office, worth over 2 million denars.