Public reactions that old textbooks are used in schools that have outdated and inappropriate content, many technical and grammatical errors, illogicalities and discrimination, are becoming a thing of the past. As of the next school year begins the step-by-step replacement of the learning materials from which our students are educated. After the adoption of the new Concept for primary education and the development of new curricula, a modern didactics is introduced which will significantly improve the quality of the educational process and teaching, the Ministry of Education and Science said in a press release on Sunday.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Science, it added, the Government adopted a completely new Law on textbooks and other teaching and didactic materials which changes the way of preparation and approval of learning materials, eliminates mistakes in all aspects, and also focuses on on digitalization, ie on providing other forms of availability, in addition to the paper version of the textbooks.

According to the Ministry, the digitalization of textbooks allows them to be revised every year before the beginning of the school year, so that there is no outdated data and content that does not correspond to reality and add that this is a key change and benefit that provides modern didactic tools that adapt to rapid social change and trends.