Politicians are always on the move when it comes to bilateral relations. History influences everywhere, history gives arguments, it helps politicians understand the roots of contemporary problems, but historians are not the ones who determine relations. The entire responsibility lies with the politicians, the co-chair of the Joint Multidisciplinary Expert Commission for Historical and Educational Issues with Macedonia, prof. Angel Dimitrov told BNT.

The Bulgarian position is perfectly clear and it is invulnerable. Another question is how well it is presented and who wants to understand it, he said.

Asked if they communicate with the new political figures, Dimitrov says:

With politicians now – no, especially with the new ones, but they are busy with their own affairs to constitute themselves as future responsible figures in the country.

According to him, Macedonia manifests a lack of desire to work on the basis of historical principles, science and history. He adds that there is no historical evidence that speaks of the existence of the Macedonian people, the Macedonian state and that Samuil is a Macedonian king.

Asked about the future of the Bulgarian-Macedonian commission, the co-chair underlined that as fruitless as it may seem, it is attracting social attention in both countries.

The issue interests people, they read. The commission is an indicator of the situation in bilateral relations, Dimitrov said.