Nikola Gruevski’s new book was sold out in a matter of days after its publication. The book is actually Gruevski’s doctoral dissertation covering his activities to open Macedonia for foreign investment, but despite the relatively dry topic, it was snapped up during the Skopje Book Fair and became a coveted item.

The publisher said it is racing to print additional copies.

Gruevski does not cover the political crisis in the book, but included a foreword in which he apologizes for taking him so long to have his economic dissertation published, given the campaign of politically driven arrests and persecution aimed at him.

It has to be said that this book is published at a time of complex political developments in Macedonia, and while I have been under political asylum in Hungary, as a politically persecuted person, for the past half a year. The campaign of political persecution against me culminated in the Autumn of 2018 and its perpetrators were in such hurry to have me imprisoned and removed, they used false testimonies, politically driven charges and a subordinate court which wouldn’t allow me two months to complete the book before being sent to serve out an undeserved prison sentence, Gruevski writes in the foreword.

The former Prime Minister and VMRO leader currently resides in Hungary, where he obtained political asylum.