Answering a reporter’s question regarding the announcement of Ali Ahmeti that DUI is becoming a green party, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President, Aleksandar Nikoloski, said that in the absence of projects and ideas, the ruling coalition SDSM-DUI deals with PR tools.

Nikoloski added that DUI is returning to its roots, ie, as he pointed out, that is how DUI started in 2001 as a green party from the mountains of Macedonia.

It is obvious that in the absence of fresh ideas of the ruling SDSM/ DUI coalition, the only thing they do are PR tools, ie for three days they were running a campaign in the style of those famous campaigns of large multinational companies when they announce something, when everyone expects what it will be, billboards without text are placed in the city only with a certain color, and then there were rumors, etc. Already seen tricks that do not pass among voters.

Regarding what Ali Ahmeti said, I want to say two things. The first is that obviously DUI no longer has fresh ideas to offer to the citizens, immersed in its own problems, crime and corruption and secondly that DUI is returning to its roots, namely they started somewhere in 2001 just as a green party from the mountains of Macedonia, so they are obviously returning to their roots, said Nikoloski.