The proposed new cabinet is not a new one, it will continue to be dominated by Zoran Zaev, Oliver Spasovski and the DUI party, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski in a press conference, held after SDSM announced its candidates for the next Government. New SDSM leader Dimitar Kovacevski is expected to propose the Government to Parliament in the coming days, and to hold a vote next week. He surprised the public yesterday with his decision to keep several key Zaev loyalists in the Government, even after they were removed from party leadership positions.

This is a Government of defeated politicians whose crimes and economic mishandling will devastate Macedonia. It is a Government of continuity, and not a new Government. It’s the same people, with the same values, who led to a series of defeats for our country and made us the most corrupt country in Europe, that endures a very clear energy and economic crisis. Kovacevski merely submits the list of ministers, who are determined by Zoran Zaev. The list is evidently the result of conflict between various factions in SDSM who are engaged in clan infighting. On the other hand, we have full continuity of the DUI proposed cadres who dominate the Government, Nikoloski said.

Nikoloski added that at least a dozen of distinguished professors and politicians refused to join the Kovacevski and Zaev Government “because they disagree with their criminal policies”.

Nikoloski accused SDSM’s smaller coalition partners, like the DOM, DS and LDP parties, of supporting a criminal Government even after they ran against SDSM in the local elections. “That is why early general elections are the only solution. This Government has no legitimacy and will continue to devastate Macedonia economically, while allowing crime to flourish”, Nikoloski said.