VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski announced additional steps, beyond the blockade of Parliament that starts next week, if the SDSM – DUI led Government doesn’t agree to a date for early elections. Nikoloski said that Macedonia is in a disastrous state and that the Government is clearly incompetent, which makes early elections a necessity.

All should remember that VMRO-DPMNE has the largest group in Parliament, won a convincing victory in the local elections and that we have a large majority of the citizens behind us. Zaev resigned after the local elections, and when a Prime Minister resigns, the country goes to elections. Nobody tries to pull stunts like this, with an unelected Prime Minister, Nikoloski said during a 360 interview.

He added that if the party leaders don’t reach agreement at their expected meeting, VMRO-DPMNE has other means to force early elections, whether through its blockade of Parliament or through the municipalities it controls.

The Government is aware it will lose the elections, and is now trying to extend its term by a few months. But the issue is how badly will the country suffer from this. We have a major economic crisis. There are no capital investments, we have problems with Bulgaria where the entire society should participate in the negotiations. We have the worst Government in the economy and in politics and we need to prepare for the coming winter, Nikoloski said.