Everyone who lives in the country and has property will be counted in the census, Ali Ahmeti told a Gostivar local TV.

The DUI leader assures that the institutions will do their job, so everyone living in the country and abroad will be included.

There have been debates over the census, including public debates. It is a statistical issue, not a political enterprise, and that operation must be completed. Relevant international institutions such as the UN and the EU demand that from us. We must have more accurate statistics on the country’s economy, on the country’s property, on the country’s population and no one will be an exception. We will register here first, and then those who are abroad through valid documents from their relatives here or through the State Statistical Office. It is known how many live here and how many abroad. However, they are all residents of this country, underlined DUI’s leader.

Regarding the expectations from the results, he noted that the Albanians could not be less than 25 percent, as they were in 2002. He explained the number with the conclusion that Albanians in Macedonia have a birth rate that has increased in recent years.