Interim Interior MInister Nake Culev informed that the damage caused to the Ministry by illegal personnel decisions made by his predecessor Oliver Spasovski amounted to four million EUR. This is the amount, Culev said, that the Ministry was forced to pay to the many officers and officials who were reassigned and demoted in violation of the laws and regulations that ensure the Ministry is run under the merit system over the past three years.

Given the scope of the violations, I’m obliged to submit a criminal charge over the personnel policy, which caused huge expenditures for the Ministry, once the officers turned to the courts in defense of their rights, Culev said, adding that Spasovski can face between five and ten years in prison.

As one of his last orders in the MInistry, before being appointed interim Prime Minister, Oliver Spasovski signed more than a hundred orders to reassign officers from the Alfa rapid reaction unit and from other departments. Spasovski notably dismantled the UBK secret service, which was heavily involved in helping his SDSM party grab power, and reformed it, making sure that the current personnel leans even more toward SDSM. Culev was appointed as interim Minister by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party precisely in order to rein in such political abuse of the police.