Skopje court ordered the leader of the GROM party Stefco Jakimovski to remain in house arrest for additional 30 days. Jakimovski was charged by state prosecutors shortly after he publicly endorsed the opposition candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova for President, and was prevented from participating in her campaign. The new court order ensures that Jakimovski will be out for the

The charges include allegedly improper approvals for construction in Karpos, a municipality which Jakimovski led for three terms. Among the charges, which closely resemble those for which Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was twice charged and pardoned or acquitted, are also allegations about improper flower planting contracts.

Jakimovski, a former SDSM official who left the party after disagreeing with its course under Zaev, was defiant during the first court hearing, saying that he will win the politically motivated case against him.