In an interview, President Stevo Pendarovski said that there is no threat of instability in Macedonia if the country does not adopt the changes to the Constitution that Bulgaria demands from us. Pendarovski warned about longer term erosion of democratic standards.

I see that the opposition has a pretty strong stance, and as elections are coming closer, experience teaches us that this position will remain strong. The opposition is led by purely partisan reasoning, to win the votes of the ethnic Macedonians. We recently had some political actors tell us that if our European integration is stopped, some majority Albanian municipalities may seek their own way toward Europe. That is not possible, these are irresponsible political statements that frighten the people. There will be no destaiblization of Macedonia. But we could have open doors for populist and nationalist political structures, who could begin to implement their concepts about BRICS, about alternatives to the EU and the Western alliance as a whole, Pendarovski said.