In his closing arguments in the Racket trial, defense attorney Saso Dukoski reminded the public and the court that one of the defendants was seen in the company of Vice Zaev, the brother of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

He asked the court why is it that the court and the prosecution did not act upon this fact. The prosecutor actually tried to cover up the video in which Vice Zaev was seen together with racketeering suspect Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kiceec, who was charged in the Racket trial but made a guilty plea and received a relatively short sentence of three years in prison.

We all saw Kiceec in the company of the brother of a top politician. And that was just swept under the rug, Dukoski said.

Dukoski represents oen of the defendants – Bojan Jovanoski – Boki 13 – who along with Kiceec and disgraced former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva is charged with racketeering of millions of euros from businessmen. Although the public widely understood that the racketeering group was led by top SDSM party officials, most likely Zoran Zaev, the prosecutors did all they could to steer the investigation away from Zaev. In the final months of the trial Boki 13 and now his attorney pointed fingers at Zaev, who alone had the political influence to enable the group to extort money from some of the biggest businessmen in the country.