Healthcare fund director Den Doncev, who recently resigned from his position, is under an investigation for receiving regular payments through a company in Australia, Fokus reports.

Doncev, who caused controversies back as an official of the Ljubco Georgievski Government in the late 90-ies, switched his allegiance to SDSM under Zoran Zaev, who is his childhood friend, and returned from Australia to be named to the high level healthcare position running the FZOM fund. The fund is used to finance public healthcare and its leadership can manage huge funds and public procurement contracts. Doncev resigned after being accused by the owner of a dialysis provider that he was extorting the company for money together with Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce.

According to “Fokus”, Doncev was hired to provide consulting services for the Megantic software company between 2013 and 2018. Doncev was paid a total of 50.000 EUR which were routed through a company registered in his home town of Strumica. For the latter portion of this time Filipce was already appointed to his FZOM position and his consultant services were in violation of the laws against conflict of interest. “Fokus” reports that the case has been sent before the Anti-Corruption Commission.