The Infomax news site crew was attacked in Prilep today, while they were investigating allegations of vote buying. The editor of the news site Aleksandar Mitovski said that a journalist and a cameraman are treated in the Prilep hospital, that their camera was destroyed and they are still trying to recover the recording.

Due to the strict laws banning political reporting before the elections, we are now allowed to publish the party that is suspected of engaging in election day violations and whose reported activists attacked the Infomax crew.

We will report this incident to all the international institutions, to OSCE, to international journalist associations, and the embassies, Mitovski said.

According to reports coming from the city all day, poor families were being visited by political activists and offered public sector jobs, money, help to avoid paying utility bills. According to the polls, Prilep is one of the largest cities where the results will be narrowly fought.